“I love how you use your faith to guide you in your work. C has very strong faith and it will be nice for her to see how that can be used in non-faith based settings as a work compass. Thank you Cathy. You not my decorator. You are my good friend who decorates.”

We got a full price offer on the first day and negotiated back and forth yesterday over what they wanted left in the house. I think we had about eight or nine showings in total. Everyone said the house was beautiful!  We got such great feedback and comments, saying that our house was beautiful and a realtor’s dream!  That would be all thanks to you Cathy!  You are wonderful!

It has been approximately 3 months since we finished our project with Cathy, and my husband and I still look at our house in amazement.   We can not believe that this is our house.  Cathy came in the first day and was able to pick up on our style instantly.  From there she was the easiest person to work with, and delivered us our dream home.  It is crazy to my husband and I that we were at a loss and not content with our home at all, and then Cathy swooped in and worked her magic.  Now our home is actually a home!  It is a place of comfort to us and we love being in our space.  Everyday our home feels brand new to us and warm and cozy.  We are amazed how she was able to take our space and transform it to make it feel like a new home by putting new paint on the walls, furniture in places I never knew could fit furniture and amazing pictures in just the perfect locations.  Cathy’s personality is a pure joy, and I always looked forward to our moments together to work on creating our perfect space.  Her referrals for services needed like painters was on spot as well as they were all very professional and treated our home with so much respect.  I was very sad when the project was done as I knew I would get to see her as often, but I know another project is right around the corner for us, and Cathy will be the first person we reach out to! Thank you Cathy for turning our house into an amazing home! – Amy

Your presence calmed me today, my friend.  Thank you.  ‘Breathe’  is a great cleansing imperative. I love the way you love life and all the five senses God has given you.  But I think it’s the gift of the sixth sense that ties a bow on the others ~ His gift of faith that makes you spiritually alive to use all the senses as they were intended to be used.

Our house sold on the second showing and we gave the keys to the new owners on Feb 24.  We are currently staying with my In-laws until we are able to find a house.  Our old house sold so quickly that we did not have time to find a new house.

We are seeing a house tonight and it will be our second time seeing this house.  We hope it will be what we want and we can start making an offer this upcoming week.

Wish us luck.
Paul Scholl, MBA

Cathy, I just wanted to say that a old dog can learn new tricks.  I went through my home this morning and re-did some of my accessory vignettes, all due to your design tips last night. You style and mine are very similar but you inspired me to rethink some of my design elements!!! Adding white elements worked like a charm!!! You did a great job and I loved your energy, sense of humor, and giving God the credit. I look forward to attending your future shows!!!

Joan Hilger

I am sure you don’t remember me; We lived in Lakeside Park Estates. You repurposed a few rooms of our home with your intern and we bought many items when you have your shop on Rangeline Rd.   The great room, office and kitchen area!  We loved what you did!  Sadly, we relocated to Omaha two years after.  But we thoroughly enjoyed it while we were there.  I have bookshelves and all kinds of built-ins in our new home.  How I wish Omaha had YOU nearby!  I’m happy you are blogging!  I really like your ideas!

Again, we enjoyed what you did for us and I simply had to tell you again!!


Cathy provides an extremely helpful class in staging a home for sale. Following this she came to our home and within a couple of hours she was able to significantly improve our decor, mainly by rearranging what we already had, plus providing advice on paint color and carpeting. Cathy is very responsive to her clients requests; she has a great eye for interior design and she works efficiently. Time spent with Cathy is pleasurable and very rewarding! Many thanks, Anne and Bryce

Cathy – I want you to know that as I lay in bed the morning I finished your prayer and gave thanks that you were blessed another day with eyes to see, ears to listen, hands to feel and heart to recognize the good, the soothing, the balanced & the beautiful and, that I was given the strength to keep up with you.

Hi Cathy – I can vouch for your good work – we listed our house last Tuesday and sold it on Wednesday!  The improvements we made with all the prints and re-arranging furniture must have made a difference. Thanks again! Becky

Hi Cathy – You helped us last fall. We close on this house 3/29. Wondering if you help with new house furniture layout and selection. Thanks for previous help.  It worked out well. Sold on 4th show! Thanks, Brian

When considering contractors to come into my home one of my first requirements is honesty and integrity.  Cathy gets an A + in this category!  Not only is Cathy one of the most honest people I’ve ever met, she also recommends other contractors like painters, picture hangers, window coverings, etc. who score high in the integrity category and are in general just nice people to deal with.  Cathy may start out as a contractor but she soon will become a cherished friend. Cathy is VERY good at what she does.  She is extremely creative and she does not have a “one size fits all” mentality but customizes her recommendations to fit the customers needs and budget. The value you will receive using her services are tremendous.  She works extremely fast and does not waste a minute of the time that she spends with you or at your home.  She is very good at using things you already have in unique ways and anything that you buy from the store you can return if you decide you don’t like it.  I guarantee that you will be pleased with the results and if you’d like to see her work

Dear Cathy,

I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it to your home the Saturday of your Open House.  As I remember back, it was really snowing hard that Saturday and I was nervous about driving in the bad weather.  I was really looking forward to seeing how Cathy Chitwood lives and was disappointed that I didn’t get to go. I hope you had a good showing anyway.  I’m sure you home looked lovely. I continue to enjoy the way you put everything together in my house.  I am able to relax and enjoy being at home rather than try to figure out “what is wrong” with a certain sitting area.  Praise God for your wonderful talent! I’m hoping to pop over to your new location sometime soon. Happy New Year my friend, Wendy


The words “Thank You” hardly seem adequate for the beautiful work you did at my home earlier this year.  I love every room and wouldn’t change a thing – my home looks stunning thanks to you!

Your strength is quickly getting to know your customer and then matching their wants and personality with furnishings appropriate to their taste.  That is a rare talent!

You saved me lots of time, mistakes and money by making sure we used existing pieces while selecting new items that were perfect for each room.  Left to my own devices, I’m sure I would have made mistakes resulting in money that wasn’t well-spent.

I would tell each new customer who comes your way to just trust your judgment and allow you decorate their home and they’ll love the results!

Your care and concern for your clients is exceptional!  I will be a lifelong customer and look forward to working with you in the future!

You have no idea how happy I am with the work you did!  It looks wonderful.  I keep going in the living room just to “look”.   Thank you for the pictures AND for all your work.  Shirley

Cathy you have a wonderful gift and I’m so thankful to have met you.  Our is lovelier because if you!  Thank you so much.